Detached buildings in Copperfield match residence.


Homeowner's Association


Thank you for considering our beautiful and friendly community as your future home! 

If you will, please take a moment to read the interesting HISTORY of Copperfield. 

RESTRICTIVE COVENANTS:  It is very important to read and understand Restrictive Covenants prior to purchasing a home or lot in Copperfield. The failure to do so shall not absolve or mitigate the responsibility of property owner(s) to take immediate corrective action at their expense. Compliance is mandatory.

In an effort to preserve the beautiful aesthetics and property values within Copperfield, the HOA restricts the type and scope of fencing and Commercial Equipment.

 "Privacy" fences are now limited to pool & patio areas, in addition to other specifications and exceptions. If additional privacy is important, we suggest it be achieved with plantings. 

Open-style fences have fewer limitations, however, still require prior consent.


Para. 24 of restrictive covenants restrict commercial equipment in open areas including, but not limited to vehicles and items that are particularly out of place in a residential subdivision. This may exclude standard height work vans and pickup trucks in good condition having no exterior accessories or attachments. Commercial equipment is a broad category with compliance at the discretion of the Board of Directors. Permission may be revoked at any time the condition of such equipment becomes unsightly or damaged.

* Restrictive Covenant: "Fences must be pre-approved by consent of adjoining lot owners and the Copperfield Board of Directors.

See Restrictive Covenants

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  • Number of Lots:         134 
  • Average Lot Size:       3/4 to 1 Acre
  • Location:                    Google Map 
  • ​Association Dues:      $210 /year per lot ($10 /mo late fee)

  • Streets:                      Asphalt with concrete curbs, Overnight                                                parking on streets is prohibited.
  • Street Maintenance:  Elkhart County Street Dept.

  • Water & Sewage:      Well & septic 

  • ​House Size:               Restrictions apply. (See Covenants)
  • Additions/Changes    Architectural Submission Form >>> (pdf)
    (Approval required for the addition or erection of                                                    any permanent or temporary structure including but                                            not limited to fences, sheds, garages, sporting                                                      courts and structures, lighting, landscaping, etc)                                                              
  • Parking:   No overnight parking on streets and cul-de-sacs.                                  Trailers and Commercial Equipment of any type                                  must be garaged beyond time limits. (see covenants)
  •                                   RV's including Motorhomes garaged


  • Public Schools:         Cleveland Elementary, Elkhart
                                      Westside Middle School, Elkhart
                                      Elkhart Memorial High School

  •  Logistics:                  Cleveland Rd via CR-1:         4 minutes
                                      Indiana Toll Road 80/90:      15 minutes
                                      County Road 17, Elkhart:     18 minutes

                                           Lake Michigan Beaches:      45 minutes

                                           South Bend & Notre Dame:  20 minutes 

  • Shopping:                 University Park Mall: 20 minutes
                                     Grocery & Fuel:  10 minutes
                                     Restaurants:  10 minutes                                                                       North Point (Elkhart): 15 minutes

​                                          Lowes, Menards, WalMart:  20 minutes


  • Utilities:                    NIPSCO Gas and AEP electric
  • Trash Service           Michiana Recycling offers discount (website


  • Voice & Internet:      Frontier or Comcast / Xfinity