Homeowner's Association




Tim Miller with Fireside Homes originally purchased 80 acres of farm land back in October 2001 from the estate of John Cashen Sr.  This would eventually become the first phase of development.  The neighborhood was originally designed as a community for "empty nesters" and retirees.  However as the neighborhood started to take shape, the beautiful land of mixed forest, fields, and water features has attracted several generations. 

Toward the end of 2005, Fireside Homes purchased an additional 47 acres of farmland adjacent to Phase I to open Phases II and III.  Word spread about our community and sales of lots accelerated culminating to more than 100 homesites in 2008.  Several half to full acre lots are still available, both wooded and open field.  When the community is finally complete, there will be a total of 130 homes.

Copperfield is located in the Cleveland district of Elkhart County Indiana.  Our main entrance is located on the West side of County Road 1, in Elkhart County, north of the Indiana toll road overpass.